Property Buying Guide Turkey

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1. Why Turkey ?

Because it has it all !!. Historical sites,  shopping be it origional or the "genuine fake", fantastic climate, strong economy and best of all great capital growth, so nows the best time to buy !

And heres how !!

What nationals can buy in Turkey ?

Turkey has reciprocal agreements with these countries to purchase land and properties : Germany,Austria,Switzerland,Belgium,Holland,England, Ireland,Spain,Italy,Canada,Luxembourg,Australia SaudiArabia,Azerbaijan,Denmark,Finland,Kazakhistan,Ukranian,Russian,U.S.A,Kuwait,Luxembourg,France, Greece,Bangladesh,Bolivia,DominicanRepublic,Indonesia,Singapore, Sudan,Tanzania,Thailand,Tunisia,Argentina,Afghanistan,Albania,Bahrain,Belarus,Belgium,Bosnia,Herzegovina, Boliovia,Virgin Islands, Bulgaria,Algeria,Czech Republic,China,Estonia,Morocco,Palestine,Georgia,Honduras,India,Iraq, Iran,Spain,Israel,Japan,Montenegro,Qatar,Kyrgyzstan,Cyprus,South ,Korea,Kosovo,Libya,Lithuania, Lebanon,Latvia,Liberia,Hungary,Macedonia,Egypt,Moldova,Uzbekistan,Poland,Romania,Rewanda, SaintKitts,Serbia,Slovakia,Slovenia,Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,Oman, Jordan,Yemen,Venezuela, New Zealand and Nevis, if you dont see your country then please contact your nearest Turkish Embassy.

2 Where in Turkey can Foreign nationals buy ?

 Freehold property or land may be purchased by the above listed nationals.

3 What documents will I need ?

  Your passport is the only document that you will need to purchase property in Turkey.

4 Do I need to obtain citizenship before I buy ?

  No. non citizens and non residents can purchase property in Turkey.

5 Do I need a visa before entering Turkey ?

  Yes . Most nationalities require a visa this can be purchased on line just use this link . Prices start from 20 usd. (£13). Prices depend on nationality. The web site is very user friendly. Once you have filled in the form just print and bring with you when you enter Turkey.

6 How long can I stay in Turkey on the normal visitors visa ?

 Visitors Visas are valid for 90 days ( if you wish to stay longer then see below)..

 If you wish to stay longer a residency permit can be applied for these initially will be issued for 6 months then one year. VIP can assist our clients through this procedure, if required.

7 Can I get a mortgage in Turkey to finance my purchase ?

 Yes, Foreign nationals are now eligable for mortgages, please do contact the team for assistance.

8 How will I pay for my purchase ?

 Most clients arrange their finances before they come to Turkey or as soon as they return home. The most popular ways to raise finance is either through remortgaging existing properties at home, or personal loans or savings.

9 Do I need to open a bank account in Turkey ?

 No you do not have to, however most people do open accounts so funds can be transferred or to pay to pay direct debits for utility bills etc. If you require this service The VIP Team can offer this service.

10 As a property owner do I need to register for Tax in Turkey ?

 Yes you do. But this is a very straightforward process and The VIP Team will assist with this.

11 Can I get House and Contents insurance in Turkey ?

 Yes you can, certain insurances are a requirement in Turkey, such as Dask/earthquake insurance.  We also have many well-known International Insurance Companies here, as well as some very good Turkish companies.

We hope that this list goes someway to helping you understand the process of purchasing property in Turkey. However please feel free to contact the VIP TEAM for any other questions you may have.



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